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Diesel OHD offers a complete dedicated team of professionals and technicians to offer our customers a wide range of Commercial Grade Doors, Frames and Hardware for various applications including but not limited to: Schools, Businesses, Single and Multi-family, Healthcare and Retail applications. 

We source our products from industry leaders in commercial door opening products for the right solution for you. 

*Swing Doors - Ditec Entrematic’s swing door operators are known for quiet operation, easy installation and reliability that outlasts the competition. Swing door operators are ideal for both existing and new installations. Entrematic offers two low-energy swing door operators and a full-energy operator.

*Sliding Doors - Entrematic offers a full range of solutions for sliding pedestrian doors, whatever the requirement and whatever performance needed: they are easy to install, with aesthetic solutions that blend in with all types of furnishing. Ditec sliders come in standard and all-glass for added elegance. There are also solutions with anti-panic devices for improved safety and easier access to escape routes.

*Accessories - We offer a comprehensive array of accessories to complete your automatic door system. From activation devices to safety sensors. We have you covered! 

We also offer Patio doors and more! Inquire within for additional options available. 

Passage Door
Passage Door

Standard Series Steel Door


  • Available in 20 gage (1.0mm), 18 gage (1.2mm), 16 gage (1.5mm), 14 gage (1.9mm), or 12 gage (2.7mm)
  • Manufactured from hot-dipped, commercial quality, paintable galvanneal, or G90 (Z275) steel
  • Available in opening sizes 1’6″ – 4’6″ x 3’0″ – 10’0″ (single opening), and 3’0″ – 9’0″ x 3’0″ – 10’0″ (double opening)
  • 1 3/4″ (44mm) door thickness standard, available from 1 3/8″ to 2 1/2″ (35mm to 64mm).
  • Available fire-labeled up to 3 hours (Class A Label), contact us for more information.

Core options: 

  • Honeycomb – Has an expanded honeycomb kraft paper core with a cell size of 1″ and an apparent density of .04 lbs per cubic foot. Available in 20, 18, 16, or 14 gage steel skins.  Available fire rated, contact us for more information.
  • Polystyrene – Has rigid polystyrene insulation (R7) with a density of 1.6 lbs per cubic foot. Available in 20, 18, 16, 14, or 12 gage steel skins.  Available fire rated, contact us for more information.
  • Polyurethane – Has a polyurethane or rigid isocyanurate (R11) insulation with a density of 1.5 lbs per cubic foot and is available in 20, 18 or 16 gage steel skins.  Available fire rated, contact us for more information.
  • Temperature Rise – Has a temperature rise mineral core bonded to both faces with spot welded seams. The core is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to achieve a temperature rise rating of 250F at 30 minutes or 450F at 60 minutes. Available in 18 or 16 gage steel skins.
  • Steel Stiffened – Has ribbed core, seamed edges, 20 gage steel stiffeners, spot welded or glued in place not more than 6 inches apart. All spaces between the stiffeners are filled with glass fibre or other insulation. Available in 18, 16, 14, or 12 gage steel skins. Available fire rated, contact us for more information.

Seam Options: 

  • Non Welded
  • Tack (Stitch) Welded
  • Tack (Stitch) Welded and Filled; filled and sanded edge seams
  • Fully Welded

Hardware Reinforcements: 

  • Standard Hinge; 10 gage high frequency for regular or heavy weight hinges.
  • Optional Hinge Reinforcing; 7 gage
  • Lock; 16 gage (support 20 gage)
  • Closer; 18 gage
  • Panic; 18 gage

Lite Sizes and Styles:  Available with various lites and louvres. The most commonly used lite sizes and styles prepared for single glazing, double glazing or sealed glazing units. Available in screw fixed stops or snap-in stops.

Diesel OHD is your one stop Commercial Man Doors, Front Doors, Exterior Doors solution in Calgary!

Hollow Metal Man Door
Hollow Metal Man Door

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